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To Build A Fire - Jack London I read both versions of this story--the 1902, and 1908, versions. Despite the fact that the latter was more polished, more psychologically revealing, and obviously the work of a more mature writer, I preferred the earlier. The '02 version was visceral, concerned mostly with external descriptions; there was a lot of showing, very little telling. The defeats suffered by the protagonist, the inability to curl his fingers, were described curtly, yet that made the story all the more dramatic. The '08 version was quite good, too, and had a decidedly more tragic, and therefore more predictable, ending.

If I could split the star rating in two, I'd have the 1902 version at 5 stars, and the 1908 version at 3 or 4; I'd certainly vacillate between the two for some time before I finally decided which was more fitting.