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Sin City, Vol. 5: Family Values - Frank Miller I was very underwhelmed by this installment of the Sin City series. Reading over other peoples' reviews here on Goodreads, I'm heartened to see I'm not the only one.

There were couple of things that made this one so much weaker than its four predecessors.

(1) Simplistic storyline. True, the other volumes mostly contained various concatenations of vintage pulp tropes, but through the artwork, characterization, and language, the stories took on emergent properties.

(2) Characters. Very flat. Miho is a killing machine who never speaks. We get it. Yawn. As for the other lead, I can only assume it's Dwight. He was pretty drab in this one. The Mafia goons were just lazy sketches--figuratively and literally. That brings me to my next point.

(3) The artwork. It seemed rushed, as if Miller put very little effort into it. This accusation doesn't seem far-fetched, given the diminutive size of this volume compared to the others.

All in all, a disappointment to an otherwise big fan of the series.