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Alexander the Great - Nikos Kazantzakis, Virgil Burnett, Theodora Vasils A fairly straightforward retelling of the life of Alexander from his teen years to his death. All the major events and themes are present: the taming of Bucephalus, the confrontation with a drunk Philip at a bacchanal, his monomania with regards to hunting down and personally destroying Darius, etc. However, as another Goodreads member, FicusFan, so aptly put it in their review, there's a great deal of excision from the Alexander story here, too. "White-wash" may be a bit harsh, and I'm not quite ready to bandy that term yet, but some things are undeniably simplified , incomplete, or just plain omitted.

If you've read a book of non-fiction on Alexander, there's not much you're missing from Kazantzakis' novel. The ecstatic prose that I'm used to was absent here, and exchanged for much more subdued, workmanlike language. That could be very much the fault of the translator, however; I believe this is the first translation of hers that I've read.